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Nov 2012: We have our new 1Gb/s back-haul Fiber now active. This allows us to provide "Real" Fiber (Bell "Fibe" is not real Fiber) to thousands of buildings in Canada. Let us quote on your Fiber Extreme High Speed Internet and extended LAN (Layer 2) requirements.

Can't get Fiber (or Bell's Fibe) in your location or it's just too expensive...  Try our bonded DSL service. We have customers bonding up to 7 DSL circuits for speeds up to 42Mb/s Down X 5.6Mb/s Up.

Don't forget about our Hosted PBX Business phone service, Stop paying high rates for minimal services. We include al services with our packages and your phones can be located anywhere there is good quality internet. Have your employees work from home even if home is in Alaska or say....  Paris... yes France not Paris Ontario. Check out

Oct 31/12 - Too much SPAM has been received from customers with infected systems so we have had to implement SMTP Authentication on port 587.  If you can no longer send email then you need to set your email to use "SMTP Authentication" and change the outgoing port to 587.

Apr 23/12
- Tube is now a reseller for KernSafe iSCSI SAN Solutions. Very good SAN solution at a better price. http://

Apr 16/12 - Virtual Machines now available starting at $65/m all on HP servers for reliability.

Mar 03/12 -
Dual 3Ghz Xeon Blade private server rentals available from $99-249/m.

Mar 03/12 - We currently have available HP Proliant G5 G6 and G7 servers starting at $450/m...   compare that at $550/m elsewhere.

Feb 10/12 - We are now selling, installing and supporting Mikrotik routers. These routers are just as configurable as the big routers at a fraction of the price. Call us for more details.

Feb 01/12 - Tube-e can offer you bonded DSL to give you a bit of redundancy and to give you higher download and upload speeds.

Jan 10/12 - has been fixed so it will allow you to use it as an outbound server even if you are outside our network. You have to use authentication (your email user and pass) and change the port from 25 to 587.

Dec 21/11 - LAMP1 server died late last week and the upload to the new updated server just completed yesterday. MySQL database files didn't load correctly as the old server was version 3 and the new server is version 5.

Nov 21/11 - web1 server dumped its ftp users, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will repair your ftp account


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