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Internet Speed
Have you ever stopped to think what you are really getting when you order your internet connection?

Most will just choose what the ISP is promoting but arent they just trying to sell you the service that is most profitable for them?

Tube has been selling internet since 1995 and we have seen it all. We started selling dial-up internet and hosting when the large telecom’s found out that they can cram more info into the standard phone line and DSL was born. Dial-up was 56kilobits per second and DSL at that time was much higher. Now DSL can get 50Megabits download x 10Megabits per second upload. But people want more speed so the telecoms started to look for the latest technology which is fiber. This technology is almost unlimited but the current basic fiber speed is 1Gigabit per second (actually 1.25) 10Gigabits is also now available and all the way up to 400Gigabits is common today.

But how much bandwidth will the average household or business really need for today? Interesting question and the answer is…. not that much. We get customers all the time telling us they ordered 1Gigabit for their house because all their kids need to stream online. We usually say to them WOW you have 100 KIDS… puzzled they look at us like we are crazy but really the average highly compress video stream is only around 6Megabits. The bottom line is if you had 100M x100M that would be more than enough for 98% of you. The issue is the telecoms fight with eachother for market share and they each have to one-up the other and they do it with speed. They now sell multi-gigabit service and your wired network jack on most devices is only 1Gigabit so ordering 6Gb will waist 5Gb, wireless is even less… Now you know.