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We can help automate your home using open source products and applications at a fraction of the cost of commercially available products. Let us help your design and source all the components you want for your home automation project. From lighting to blinds to HVAC to whatever, there is an inexpensive solution for your project. Contact us and lets get started. We can do remote consulting or come out to your house, we bill for the time spent and any materials you purchase from us.

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Introduction to Home Automation Seminar


Tube’s cloud services are located in the primary Tier-1 Canadian data-center offering the highest level of security, performance and reliability. VPS solutions are a cost-effective choice for any business wanting security with control. Cloud infrastructures, as created by VMware VPS, provide your business network with the following advantages: Scalability: VMware VPS allow you to choose what features you want and are easily adjusted to accommodate growth or modifications. Customizable: You choose the components for your VMware VSP, ensuring you have the most…


If you have multiple locations that are within line of site you can create a local network between these buildings using outdoor wireless bridges. This saves you from purchasing internet in each location and therefore saves you money. Call for more information. Update to this post Nov 2018: Many new vendors like Mimosa have released new equipment that is a game changer. With improved performance and speeds links between buildings and clients of 500Mb/s and beyond are now a reality….


Lets talk about the web hosting industry, particularly the services which are offered and their associated costs. The old proverb “you get what you pay for” really does apply. Look closely at what you are really getting for your monthly fees. There are many hosting companies who charge around $4.95 or $7.95 per month and claim that everything is unlimited. I usually respond to this question from customers with “so why does ABC not host their entire site there?” answer: because…


xDSL Internet: Speeds up to 50M x 10M – $59.99
True Fiber Internet starting – $139.99/m
Domain Hosting (Web/email) starting – $9.99/m


Do you want to create a wireless hotspot in your place of business? Let us help…. We can create a plan that suits your needs. Whether you want to provide your customers with a free connection or paid, we have the right solution for you. We provide all the hardware and programming all for a small monthly fee. We can also remotely monitor the network and react if there are any issues. Your WiFi for your customers can also be…


We have been using Virtualmin hosting platform for many years and the biggest question we get from customers is that they have heard of it but its not as popular as others. They also say that they don’t know how to use it and it probably does not have the functionality that the competitors software has. My answer is usually the following… Virtualmin is very robust and has many of the functions that the large software vendors have. Go take…


Don’t forget about our Hosted PBX Business phone service. Stop paying high rates for minimal services. We include all the services with our packages and your phones can be located anywhere there is good quality internet. Have your employees work from home even if home is in Alaska or say…. Paris… yes France not Paris Ontario. Check out – Call for more info: 416-784-1233


This is NOT Fibe…. Fibe is Bell Canada’s product name for a service that is more likely VDSL copper or sometimes real fiber.
The fiber internet service which we normally sell is dedicated fiber and usually sold to business that require the best most reliable service. Prices of this service start at $499/m
Most larger ISP’s are installing GPON fiber which is the 2nd most reliable type of internet but unlike the dedicated fiber this is is shared and therefore just not sold as a guaranteed service. It is still the best option if you dont want to spend $500 per month. GPON starts at just over $100/m.
All the large ISP’s are frantically trying to beat their competition by getting their fiber in the ground first. what most dont understand is that this is still going to take many years to cover everywhere.

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Tube-e can host your website on our many different servers, no matter how small or large your web application, we have the right server for the job. We host websites on Windows servers using static HTML, ASP, ASPX, .NET, and we can also host on Linux servers using LAMP servers (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). If you need to host a high level web service then we have the solution for you. Tube-e has 3 fully redundant DNS servers that can…


We have the data center space you need as well as physical private servers, blade servers and an entire VM virtual server environment. if you don’t have the knowledge, funds or time to build your own data center, call Tube-e. Physical server rentals start at $99/month and virtual machines start at $75/m. Call for further information. 416-784-1233 Data Center Brand new, state-of-the-art facilities located in a AAA-rated building Dual electrical grid connections from independent substations Internally redundant, bypassable 250…